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mercredi 4 janvier 2017

Sanjay Talwar, Sitting in the Heart of the Universe

Sanjay Talwar interprète "Sitting in the Heart of the Universe"
Réalisé au Festival International Sahaja Yoga de Togliatti, Russie, en 2010

Sitting in the heart of the universe, We know your love is flowing through us ) x2
Ah ah ah, ah ah ah ah ah ) x2

Shri Mataji we love you x 4

Your are Mahakali Mahalaxmi, You are mother Adi Shakti ) x2
The power within us when we feel it, Our hearts rejoicing in bhakti ) x2
When we surrender, we are in paradise x2

You are the supreme creator , Playing the game of creation ) x2 You have given us Shri Ganesha, For us to have Realization ) x2
When we surrender .... x 2

God's goddesses of Vaikuntha, Bless us when we get together ) x2
On the shores of Ganapatipule, Our hearts get united through you mother ) x2
When we surrender, we are in paradise ) x2

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